• Do you lack focus?
  • Do you need help to reframe your thoughts and processes?
  • Would you like to know how to instantly change your emotional state?

The quality of our breath determines the quality of our life, why just survive when you can thrive? – Naturally Ecstatic can teach you to learn how to optimise and master yours.

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The Essential Breaths Toolkit


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Navy SEALS Breath - Coherence Breathing

Now YOU have the opportunity of Becoming Naturally Ecstatic from your own Home

Bulletproof Breathwork, Meditation and Awakening Online Course…

This course is a comprehensive training in using powerful breathwork, meditation, and mind focussing techniques to awaken new levels of vitality, energy, relaxation and consciousness. It’s a fast track to your spirituality as well as giving valuable tools to reframe and transform fear, anger, and anxiety.

This course has the potential to radically change your life – yes it will take effort on your part – but what you put in you get out – it has the power to unlock your potential and enable you to live your life as an ecstatic being.

This is a truly transformational course and is the distillation of nearly 30 years of experience as a meditator, energy practitioner and breathwork facilitator. I will guide you step by step through many processes and practices that will build your awareness, your energy, retrain habitual ways of thinking, breathing and reacting and build neural pathways to love, joy, vibrancy and your ecstatic nature.

This course is for your own transformation and is not a certified professional training as of yet – but I am working on that…

The Essential Breaths Toolkit

People have kept asking me “ What is the simplest, most effective thing you can share with me, in the shortest amount of learning time and for the smallest amount of money that will actually give me day to day results”.


With this short pop-up course I have brought together simple and powerful practices that :

Deeply relax and turn off the stress hormones
Create vibrant energy through the body clearing stagnant mindsets

Reset your state in highly charged or emergency situations
Bring the body and mind into clarity and coherence.

Imagine having the tools to be able to respond rather than react to all of the curve balls life throws us… To use one breath to deeply relax and turn off the stress hormones, one to create vibrant energy through the body, one to reset your state in highly charged or emergency situations and one used by navy seals to bring the body and mind into clarity and coherence.

Having control over our own health is PRICELESS and the course is just going to cost you £28 if bought by the 14th May

Are you ready to breath through???

Message me here or just book the course.

Not sure if this is for you or which path to take???

Sometimes it can be really confusing working out what is the best way forward - everyone's situation is unique. Pete has 30 years of experience in tailoring programs of the most effective practices for individuals, groups and situations. He can help find the most effective path of least resistance...


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