• Do you lack focus?
  • Do you need help to reframe your thoughts and processes?
  • Would you like to know how to instantly change your emotional state?

The quality of our breath determines the quality of our life, why just survive when you can thrive? – Naturally Ecstatic can teach you to learn how to optimise and master yours.

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The Naturally Ecstatic team have all come from a deep process and therapy based way of working and have seen how limiting this can be. We now choose to work in a way that awakens and aligns us with our Naturally Ecstatic nature and to consciously surrender to the intelligence of life and let this take care of our healing. We are a world class team of facilitators and therapists who have come together in collaboration to bring into being our vision of humanity to the world. This is not a new vision, it is one based in simplicity, connection, beauty, naturalness, inspiration – accessing what is already here within us and fine tuning our breath, energy and awareness systems to be able to fully surrender to our true nature – living and sharing love, bliss and beauty.


Kalindi is a blissful human being, she has been blessed with knowing and living as her ecstatic nature since birth. She is a sacred sexuality and sensuality coach and healer, visionary, breath-worker and teacher. Her depth of awareness and ecstatic experience is literally infectious – people in her presence feel her resonance and transmission of bliss and embodied wonder. She predominantly teaches women of all ages to reconnect with their deepest sensual feminine essence. She offers this work in women’s circles, training courses and one to one coaching. Bringing a wealth of experience from her lifetime of devotional practice she is a modern day spiritual teacher, intimacy coach and is an inspiration to those who meet her.

“I have a vision of a world that is connected within vibrancy, honest communication and the sweet depth of exquisite unity. To allow our natural life force of sensual, fertile and creative nature to help define our human choices.”

Not sure if this is for you or which path to take???

Sometimes it can be really confusing working out what is the best way forward - everyone's situation is unique. Pete has 30 years of experience in tailoring programs of the most effective practices for individuals, groups and situations. He can help find the most effective path of least resistance...


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